Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is the GPPA?
GPPA stands for Guaranteed Professional Program Admissions. This UIC program guarantees a select number of incoming first year students a seat in the professional or graduate program of their choice provided students qualify upon completion of their undergraduate studies here at UIC.  The students admitted to the program maintain their guarantee through fulfilling a list of Conditions of Acceptance which are requirements to prepare them for their graduate or professional school experience.

What is the advantage of the GPPA?
Although each GPPA program varies in size, curriculum, and design, all of the programs have the advantage of allowing the students to pursue undergraduate curricula at UIC before they go on to their professional/graduate degree.

Are the programs accelerated?
The programs are not designed as accelerated programs, although some students may finish their undergraduate degree early due to Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate credit.

What are the residency requirements to be eligible for the GPPA?
A limited number of out-of-state students are accepted; however, the colleges of Medicine and Dentistry programs are limited to Illinois residents.

The GPPA Dentistry, Medicine and Public Health programs require that students be US Citizens or Permanent Residents at the time they complete their Common Application.

If you have questions regarding residency for your specific GPPA program, please CLICK HERE.

Do I have to be in the top 15% of my graduating class or are there exceptions if, for example, I had problems my freshman year?
No, you no longer have to be in the top 15% of your high school class to apply to GPPA. The GPPA looks holistically at every applicant, so you can apply whether your school ranks or not.

What percent of applicants were admitted to the GPPA last year?
For the Fall 2015 admission’s cycle, approximately 10% of Medicine applicants (49), 9% of Dentistry applicants (5), 12% for Nursing (9) and 29% for Pharmacy (29) were admitted to the program.

Are there minimum requirements to remain in the GPPA?
Yes. They vary from program to program and are included in the Current Student tab under ‘Conditions of Acceptance’

Can transfer students apply to the GPPA? If not, will this ever change?
GPPA is available only to beginning first year students. At this time, there are no plans to change the program, and no exceptions are made. For the ITT Chicago-Kent program, students can apply as freshmen or sophomores.

Do GPPA students have to belong to the Honors College?
All programs, except College of Engineering programs, Biomedical Visualization, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy, require Honors College membership. Those that do not require membership strongly recommend it.

Program Information

If I want to apply to more than one GPPA program, do I need to submit a separate application for each one?
Submitting an application to more than one GPPA program is no longer allowed.

Why do students admitted to the pre-pharmacy program have to complete a bachelor’s degree?
The College of Pharmacy requires a bachelor’s degree for GPPA students because they feel that students will be better prepared for the rigors of pharmacy school. This change is also a result of changing trends in their incoming classes, which show a significant increase in students with a bachelor’s degree being admitted to the Pharm.D. program.

Application specifics

Do I have to submit more than one application for the GPPA, UIC and the Honors College?
In order to apply to the GPPA programs, all applicants must complete the Common Application, complete the UIC First Year Supplement which now includes the GPPA essay and the Honors College essay (where required for GPPA), and submit two letters of recommendation.

How do I set up an interview?
Either someone from the program to which you apply or someone from the Honors College will contact you to schedule an interview if one is required.  Not all applicants are guaranteed an interview.

If I’m required to write an essay, what’s the topic?
Students are asked to write three separate essays as part of the entire application process.  One is a statement included in the Common Application, a second essay is an Honors College statement, which specifically asks your motivation for joining the Honors College and what you can bring to the Honors College community, and a third essay is the GPPA statement, which asks what is the advantage for you of a guaranteed path into your profession of choice.

Do I need to take the SAT-II or the ACT Writing Test?
No. UIC currently requires either your, SAT, SAT-I or ACT scores for the GPPA program.

Can I submit any supporting documents, such as awards, etc.?
The only materials that are needed are the materials listed on the application. Any other supporting documentation will not be forwarded to the department. Also supporting documentation does not play a role in decision making.

College of Medicine and College of Dentistry

How many seats are available in the College of Medicine?
There is no fixed number of seats available annually. The College of Medicine offered admission to 49 applicants in Fall 2015, 52 applicants in Fall 2013, 51 applicants in Fall 2012, 51 applicants in Fall 2011, 43 applicants in Fall 2010, 52 applicants in Fall 2009, 50 applicants for Fall 2009, 56 applicants for Fall 2008, and 43 applicants for Fall 2007.

Why is the MCAT (Medical College Aptitude Test) still required if I’ve been guaranteed admission into the College of Medicine?
The MCAT is required nationwide for all medical schools and colleges. Having the scores of the GPPA participants allows the College of Medicine to assess the performance of the program. GPPA Medicine students are required to score the average of the previous year’s class. You will be required to retake the test if your MCAT scores are below the college average.  The test may be retaken up to three times until a minimum score is achieved.  Guidance on test preparation is offered to all students.

Can I make an appointment for an interview with the College of Medicine or the College of Dentistry?
No. The college or a representative of the Honors College will contact you to arrange an interview.  Not all applicants are guaranteed an interview.

If I want guaranteed admission into the College of Medicine, can I major in any undergraduate program (besides pre-medicine)?
Yes. Pre-medicine is actually an advising track; it is not a major.

I heard that the College of Medicine has more than one campus and that if I am admitted, I may be assigned to a campus other than Chicago?

All admitted GPPA Medicine students will be assigned to one of the College of Medicine’s four campuses at the time of admission to GPPA Medicine. The College of Medicine has campuses in Chicago, Peoria, Rockford, and Urbana-Champaign. The assignment is made randomly at the time of admission to GPPA so that each applicant is informed from the time they begin as freshmen.  Please visit the COLLEGE OF MEDICINE WEBSITE to discover more about each of the campuses.