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GPPA decisions will go out via email on March 1st, 2024 after 7 PM Central Time.

GPPA decisions will be emailed March 1 after 7 PM Central


The GPPA initiative allows a limited number of first year students per year to be admitted to UIC with guaranteed admission to one of several graduate or professional degree programs.

Students follow a specific curriculum and meet established performance criteria to maintain their admission guarantee.

With the security of GPPA, students are able to focus on undergraduate studies and have the freedom to pursue many subject areas and disciplines.

Participants have early and frequent contact with professional school faculty and advisors.

Most students in GPPA also benefit from the facilities and services of the UIC Honors College.


The application is part of the overall UIC application on the Common Application. More details about the application process can be found via the Prospective Students tab.

See the “Frequently Asked Questions” page to answer your general questions about GPPA. For specific questions about GPPA, please email



Honors College and GPPA Staff conduct information sessions on a regular basis. These sessions include an overall presentation on both the Honors College and GPPA, including the admissions process, program requirements, and resources. There is also time for students to ask individual questions.

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