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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my AP credit satisfy my program requirements for GPPA?

AP credit is treated differently by the different GPPA programs. The policies of your program are outlined in the Conditions of Acceptance. If you have questions that are not addressed in the Conditions of Acceptance, contact the GPPA Undergraduate Coordinator at

Will course work from other institutions count toward my degree as a GPPA student?

GPPA students are not permitted to take coursework at another college or university once they have been admitted into GPPA. Credit and coursework earned while in high school is typically accepted according to UIC policies and transfer equivalencies. Students are allowed to participate in study abroad programs, but should work closely with the GPPA Undergraduate Coordinator, their Honors College advisor and the UIC Study Abroad Office to determine how credits earned abroad will be allocated. In extraordinary cases, a student may be allowed to take courses at another institution (usually because it is a special offering or not available at UIC). Prior approval is required from the GPPA Undergraduate Coordinator, the Honors College, the student’s undergraduate college and the professional college. Without prior approval, coursework from another institution will not be counted toward your GPPA requirements.

What do I need to do in order to maintain my status in GPPA?

All students should be aware of the Conditions of Acceptance that they agreed to upon entry into GPPA. The general policies and guidelines of the university apply to all GPPA students including the Student Code of Conduct. Within each specific set of program-based conditions, each individual program generally outlines ongoing indicators that must be maintained along with course and test requirements for entry into the professional program. Such ongoing conditions that must be met include, but are not limited to:
  • GPA
  • Credit hours per semester
  • Membership in the Honors College
These requirements vary by program and students should refer to their individual program for specific requirements. The academic performance of all GPPA students is monitored by the GPPA Undergraduate Coordinator. In addition, the Honors College monitors the progress of all GPPA students who are required to maintain membership in the College. Students who do not meet the minimum grade point average required for their program will be reviewed by the appropriate college (undergraduate, professional and/or Honors College). All students in the GPPA program are required to adhere to the admissions policy currently in effect for their graduate or professional program including academic standards, entrance tests, and standards of conduct and professionalism at the time of application unless otherwise specifically excused in their program-based Conditions of Acceptance. An example where an entrance requirement may be different for a GPPA student, would be in the case of an entrance exam such as the GRE normally being required for admission; however, a GPPA student may be allowed to waive taking the exam when that is specifically stated in their program-based Conditions of Acceptance. However, if the GRE is normally required and no specific statement exists in the Conditions of Acceptance excusing the student from completing the exam, a GPPA student is required to complete the GRE before matriculating to the professional school.

Under what conditions are students dismissed from GPPA?

Professional programs have the option of dismissing students from GPPA any time they fail to meet a provision of the Conditions of Acceptance. The academic performance of all GPPA students is monitored each semester by the GPPA Undergraduate Coordinator, and by the Honors College (for students required to be members). In most programs that provide a guarantee for graduate and professional school, students will not be dropped from the program prior to the end of their second semester, except under extraordinary circumstances. At the end of the second semester and every semester thereafter, these students must meet the stipulated minimum grade point average. Students in tracks that result in a baccalaureate or first degree must have the publicized minimum grade point average at the end of the first semester and every semester thereafter. At the end of each semester, these students must maintain the minimum cumulative grade point average. Any student who does not meet the minimum grade point average of his/her program will be reviewed by the professional college (and undergraduate and Honors College if applicable). The professional college is responsible for making the GPPA dismissal decision on a case by case basis. Aside from academic issues, any infraction of an unprofessional nature including disciplinary and criminal infractions could be cause for dismissal from the GPPA program and removal of the guarantee.